Pregnancy is a beautiful yet demanding time for you both physically, spiritually and mentally.Hippychick’s consultant  osteopath, Fenja Hansen, provides her top five tips on how to prepare your body for pregnancy.

To be able to better manage the changes occurring at this stage in your baby’s life it is essential to keep active. Mothers who are physically fit recover far more easily from pregnancy and birth and are also able to cope better with the stresses of life as a new parent.


So what’s the best way to keep active during your nine month term?


  • Take it slowly and gradually – be mindful not to increase your activity levels too quickly if you are not used to it and focus on the type of exercise you enjoy.  You’re much more likely to keep at it if you enjoy doing it!

Get your body ready for pregnancy

  • Gentle but effective exercise will work best.  Yoga is an ideal way of keeping fit in pregnancy and classes designed specifically for pregnant women will teach you relaxation and breathing techniques to help you to stay calm during pregnancy, as well as labour.


  • Swimming is an ideal way to keep you fit during pregnancy, right up until birth.  The buoyancy of the water will give you a wonderful feeling of weightlessness despite the extra weight you are carrying around and will support your joints and ligaments while you exercise.

Get your body ready for pregnancy

  • I swear by Swiss balls. Keep one to hand at all times – they will really help to keep your core muscles active and can also help to take strain off the back and pelvis.  Your Swiss ball is a great investment and will also make a great partner for when you go into labour, helping to ease the pain of contractions.


  • Now is a great time to ditch your slouching habits – for good.   By all means sit on the sofa and watch TV (in fact take advantage of being able to relax as much as possible before the onslaught of life with a new born) but make sure you sit up straight with your back supported and get up every hour to walk around the room.


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