It’s only November but do you already feel behind with your Christmas shopping? Christmas chocolates, decorations and brightly wrapped gift sets have been in shops since early September and in some places, from late August, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that if you hadn’t had it all wrapped up before the kids went back to school, then you’ll never be ready in time for Christmas.

We at are fascinated with shopping habits in the UK. We have a website business and two shops, and of course we’re shoppers in our own lives too, so we commissioned a report to find out more about the UK’s spending and shopping habits.

Christmas Shopping Habits

Now that Bonfire night has passed, we all agree that it’s ‘acceptable’ for the Christmas season to start in the shops and Christmas shopping to begin in earnest. Although there will always be those amazingly organised people (5% according to our research) who have started, and probably finished, their shopping in January! According to our research, the majority of us (53% of Brits) are starting their Christmas shopping in November and events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday add a sense of urgency to the shopping frenzied month.

Gender-based Shopping Trends

Our research shows that women are the main shoppers in the UK with their spending averaging £436 while men spend £347 on average on gifts. Women also spend longer shopping and do their gift buying over a longer period of time, while some men get it all done in under three hours as close to Christmas as possible. Of those polled by the multi-media retailer QVC, an astonishing 3% of men admitted to getting their Christmas shopping done in under 10 minutes!

UK Leads the way in Spending on Children

it may suprise you to know that parents in the UK spend more on children that even the US and the rest of Europe. This is not just on Christmas presents, but on all occasions across the year, from birthdays to christenings and even school rewards. Check out our infographic for more findings and see if some statistics suprise you too.

gift shopping habits in the uk

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