Healthy Christmas

Jen Mellor is a food and family lifestyle blogger who’s blog started as a way of sharing her astonishing 10 stone weight loss and her tips and advice for others. Now the blog has a huge variety from recipes and weight loss tips to reviews and lifestyle articles. Jen shares her ups and downs of her ongoing journey trying to keep the weight off, sometimes succeeding sometimes failing in an honest and relatable way. You can also find her on social media just search Just Average Jen.

Christmas and New Year is a difficult time for those on a weight loss journey.  Jen shares some of her top tips for staying healthy, despite the temptations, in this month’s guest blog.

1.Remember that Christmas doesn’t have to last a fortnight. Plan ahead which days you can eat healthily on and which days you can’t and then stick to that the best you can.

2. Don’t sit or stand near the buffet table! Simply by being at the opposite end of the room you are less likely to keep picking at things! If you are organising the buffet food ensure there are healthy options on there like homemade dips with fat free natural yoghurt and crudities and make sure you put the left overs away when everyone has eaten, by leaving them out you will be more tempted to nibble.

Healthy Christmas - put the chocolates away!3. Don’t have chocolates or nuts on the coffee table! Yes, I know this sounds mean but if you have to think about wanting them and walking into the kitchen for them you are likely to eat many less! Otherwise it is easy to eat them because they are there!

4.Don’t add butter to your cooked vegetables. When they have gravy or cranberry sauce on (or both) will you really notice the difference?

5.Don’t eat from the kids plates! If they don’t eat it then it can be wasted or saved for another meal.

6. Consider eating before you visit people, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat with them too but if you have eaten a piece of fruit before you go you are highly likely to eat that little bit less and still enjoy yourself.

dining-table7. Share a dessert if you are eating out. Don’t get me wrong we all love a pudding don’t we but if you want to cut back and still have some dessert then sharing is a good option or ordering a smaller child’s dessert.

8.Enjoy family time out of the house. A family walk can be just as nice as sitting in the house eating chocolates, not only will you not be eating the chocolates but you will be burning a few calories too.

Family walk at Christmas 9. If you feel low and miss someone this Christmas then instead of drinking or eating your emotions ringing the Samaritans or a friend could make all the difference. Will excess food or drink really make you feel any better?

10. Enjoy yourself, the more you feel deprived the more likely you are to binge another day, if you don’t feel you can cut something out you don’t have to, you could just change it for a healthier version or have less.

There are 365 days in a year and if you stuff your face for one will it really hurt? The choice of course is always yours! Healthy eating can be just as tasty by swapping oil for spray oil, removing fat off meat and avoiding things like butter and excess cheese or cakes (and cheesecake for that matter!). If you do over eat just remember there is no law saying you have to wait until January the first to start afresh!