Want to avoid too much chocolate this Easter? If you’re already on your bikini body diet in anticipation of summer, then Easter is really a celebration you can do without, with all those chocolate-fuelled Easter eggs, hot cross buns dripping with melted butter and big roast dinners with all the trimmings, tempting you away from your healthy eating plans.
However there are ways to avoid these temptations but the trick is to plan ahead, be aware and even leave yourself motivational notes and tips around the house.
Here are some of my top tips for staying on track over the Easter weekend:-
•    One Easter egg each for the children is plenty – no one needs 20!  Communicate this to friends and family and let them know the rules.  There are plenty of alternatives to chocolate which the kids will love such as decorating kits for real eggs, soft toys and Easter themed movies.
•    Don’t deny yourself chocolate on Easter Sunday.  Depriving yourself will make you want something all the more.  Instead, buy yourself buy something small and special you can measure or count into your healthy eating plan if you follow one. Chop the chocolate up into mini pieces before you make a start, eat it slowly and savour every bite.

Looking for a way to not eat too much chocolate this Easter?
•    Try and add some healthy alternatives to the Easter dinner.  Roast or mash a few sweet potatoes (sugary but fibrous and really good for you), do two veg instead of one to fill the plate, replace roast potatoes with a baked potato.  It really won’t be a hardship.
•    If a small amount of chocolate simply isn’t enough to fill those sweet cravings, get creative to make it go further.  Grate some chocolate onto a low fat yoghurt might just do the trick.  Make sure you stock up on low fat Chocolate Mousse so it’s ready and waiting in the fridge if you get desperate!
•    Afternoons are the times which I find most testing when my blood sugar levels seem to drop.  Normally, a low calorie hot chocolate does the job, or a couple of sweeteners in a cup of tea.  Again, make sure you stock up on whatever it is you might need in the cupboard to cope with the really difficult times.

Looking for a way to not eat too much chocolate this Easter?
•    If you do overstep the chocolate mark on Easter Sunday, don’t beat yourself up!  Instead, put on your wellies, trainers and head out for a long walk on Easter Monday.  Exercise will make you feel better about yourself generally, as well as help burn off some of those extra calories.

Looking for a way to not eat too much chocolate this Easter?
Good luck!  You can do it.
About Just Average Jen
I am a food and Family lifestyle blogger who after losing over 10 stone and tries (and often fails) to keep the weight off whilst still living a normal family life. Jen shares many weight loss and healthy eating tips over on her website Just Average Jen (www.justaveragejen.com). As Jen says, being a busy mum on an average budget doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight and be healthy, it’s just a bit harder than it is for a rich celebrity!